As a professional communication & relationship writer, I spend a lot of time reading blogs and books on the art of charm, attraction and social skills. While browsing Lifehack, I ran across an article written by The Social Sage. I loved his fresh ideas and entertaining writing style. He bases his writing on personal experience, and gives fellow introverts a unique and very valuable perspective for conquering common social situations…with charm.

Claudia Cox

Lausanne, Switzerland , Text Weapon

Nathan was excellent to work with. During our session I always felt like he was listening intently, looking for new angles to help me see my situation in a clearer light. The clarity I had gained by the end of the session on what I needed to know in my relationship made a difference. I would reccomend Nathan in a heartbeat

Trevor W.

Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA

You have always been able to find the right words to help me have perspective on the bigger picture.  After our talks, I felt liberated and empowered, rather than anxious and confused.  And also made me realise the power of positive, open conversation.  And just being more open in general.  I will always be grateful 🙂

Eleanor F

Lincoln, UK

Working with Nate on the 2 sessions we had gave me great clarity on a few things going on in my life relating to health, business and mindset. Nate is incredibly intuitive and asked me questions I hadn’t thought to ask myself. From the answers I arrived at, we then planned out action steps, which have proved immensely helpful my progress since. Not only is Nate compassionate in his coaching, he is great fun to work with and shows up 150% for his clients. Would highly recommend!

Laura Y.

London, UK

My session with Nate was great. He really helped me to gain insight into a couple of matters that had been troubling me over the past couple of months, particularly about the direction my blog was going. He knew all the right questions to ask and gave me motivation to make the necessary changes in my life.

Anna A.

Nathan helped me gain a different perspective and work through my problems without giving me a one-size-fits-all solution. He prompted me to figure out my own answers, all while reminding me how much power I truly have. I would highly recommend talking to him, even if you’re on the fence about coaching, like I was

Adrian W

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

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